Goodwood Brewpub coming to downtown Owensboro

June 24, 2021 | 12:12 am

Updated June 24, 2021 | 6:55 am


A third brewery is set to grace downtown Owensboro near the end of the year. Louisville-based Goodwood Brewing Co. will operate on the first floor of The Enclave building at the corner of Frederica Street and Veteran’s Boulevard.

The restaurant and brewery will offer elevated southern cuisine and a plethora of craft beers and spirits that can only be found in their restaurants. 

Chief Executive Officer Ted Mitzlaff was already familiar with the area and cited a growing downtown and The Enclave location as their primary inspirations behind the expansion.

“I fell in love with Owensboro years ago when I owned a specialty chemical company and would frequently service our clients in the area,” Mitzlaff said. “Goodwood has always had a strong following in Owensboro and the downtown growth has been tremendous. When we saw The Enclave, we knew immediately we had found the ideal location.”

The Owensboro location will make the fifth restaurant for the brewing company, which also offers its own line of spirts and beer-infused hot sauces. The company prides itself on community involvement and hopes to create a “truly unique” experience at the new location.

“We want to be extremely active in the Owensboro community and participate in as many local events as possible. We have always supported numerous charities, both locally and nationwide,” Mitzlaff said. “For Owensboro we want to create a truly unique experience, whether our customers are there for the food, beer, spirits, or live local entertainment.”

The southern-inspired menu features a wide array of starters, salads, sandwiches, and wings that are tossed in one of their house-made and beer-infused hot sauces. Their drink menu will feature a full line of their products as well as collaborative products that will satisfy the taste buds of craft beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers all the same.

Beer options include hazy IPAs, stouts, hefeweizens, sours, and ciders all in barrel-aged varieties. Mitzlaff looks to form relationships with other local operations to continue to grow their collaboration products.  

“We finish bourbon in our used barrels,” he said. “We have developed a great relationship with Green River Distillery and we look forward to working closely with them to grow our spirit portfolio.”

The waterfront location will seat roughly 200 people and offer several televisions for watching sports as well as a panoramic view of the Ohio River. Mitzlaff looks to employ a staff of 60 and to build on the already successful environment that downtown offers. 

Craftily named Goodwood because its beer is aged in charred oak bourbon barrels, the company also has brewpubs in Louisville, Frankfort, Lexington, and Indianapolis. The Owensboro location is set to open by the first of next year. 

June 24, 2021 | 12:12 am

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