Joy’s Cooking Classes enhances experience with ovens; shares storefront with Becca Bakes

January 23, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated January 22, 2022 | 1:03 pm

Photo by Ryan Richardson

Joy’s Cooking Classes (formerly Joys of Cooking and Cooking 101) has created a strong footprint on the east side of town. Owned and operated by Ashley Webb, Joy’s Cooking offers fun and educational hands-on cooking classes and private events for people of all ages. 

The recent addition of ovens has enhanced the cooking experience for Webb’s clients and allowed her to share her space at 3811 KY 54. Becca Westerfield created Becca Bakes out of her home more than two years ago and jumped at the opportunity to sub-lease some space at the KY 54 location.

“It’s been great having a bakery in here with us,” Webb said. “We are able to collaborate on classes and can really complement each other’s business. We are collaborating on a winter wonderland and other themed classes for children.”

Webb obtained a teaching certificate but never entered the profession, electing to spend her days at home with her children. She was researching entrepreneurial opportunities that would provide some flexibility when an opportunity fell into her hands. 

“I’ve known the owner of this building since I was 5, and he knew someone who owned a business similar to this and was looking to liquidate her equipment or sell her business,” Webb said. “He called me and said, ‘I think this would be perfect for you.’”

Webb took the idea and ran with it, pairing her foundations in education with passion and love for cooking. 

“This was made for me. It found me and changed my whole life for the better in one month,” she said. “Cooking and helping others always has been my way of sharing joy and making others feel welcome.”

Joy’s Cooking offers birthday parties, adult nights, private events, competitions, ladies’ nights, and teen and kids’ classes. Webb takes pride in hands-on guided instruction where individuals of all ages can learn valuable knife skills and other fun tips and hacks in the kitchen. 

Of-age participants can bring their own drinks, while tea, lemonade, and coffee are always provided. The sessions always boast some form of competition, and partakers will sit down and eat together “family-style” once they’ve fulfilled their obligations in the kitchen. 

They offer private events with friends and family and classes open to the public. Additional information is available on Joy’s Cooking website here

Westerfield’s Becca Bakes moved into the location this past October and have experienced exponential growth since the move. Westerfield specializes in cakes, cupcakes, and pies for weddings, birthdays, and other special events. 

“We’ve grown substantially since I first started as an at-home business in November of 2019,” Westerfield said. “We can customize everything from your favorite children’s character to the most eloquent of wedding cakes.”

Westerfield’s passion for baking dates back to her childhood when she would sit on her grandmother’s counter and immerse herself in the baking experience. She also draws inspiration from her mother-in-law, who has experience baking cakes for events and weddings. 

Westerfield is confident that her baking business will reach new heights by securing the space and joining forces with Webb. 

“New this year, we’re going to start doing birthday parties where kids can come in and learn how to bake and decorate a cake,” Westerfield said. “Ashley and I are working together to coordinate more party and event ideas.”

While Becca Bakes now shares the storefront, the business continues to rely on Facebook, email, and phone for inquiries and orders. 

January 23, 2022 | 12:10 am

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