Local couple buys Flourish Plant-Based Eatery in Evansville; hopes to bring a location to Owensboro

July 5, 2022 | 12:10 am

Updated July 4, 2022 | 6:51 pm

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Kelsey and Jake Smith recently purchased Flourish Plant-Based Eatery — a vegan restaurant offering comfort, plant-based food in Evansville — and aspire to bring a location to Owensboro. The husband-and-wife duo stumbled upon the eatery while searching for a vegan-friendly establishment in Evansville and immediately knew they wanted to introduce one to Owensboro. 

Kelsey said the couple turned vegan a few years ago to nourish their bodies while helping the Earth and saving animals. After discovering the extent to which Flourish contributed to the local community, she said it was an “immediate yes” when the owners approached them about buying it. 

“We strive to create a community of not only vegans, but everyone in the community so that we can live a truly healthy lifestyle together,” Smith said. “We want to show everyone that vegan isn’t just salads and grass. You can have all your favorites while saving animals’ lives and helping our planet and yourself.”

She added that Flourish boasts indoor and outdoor seating with a plant-powered inspired vibe, good music, and quality service. The couple is adamant about bringing a location to Owensboro so everyone can experiment with healthier dining options. 

“We want to show people they can eat plant-based food that is just as delicious but much healthier,” she said. “We don’t have many restaurants with vegan options. We also want to find ways to help our community, and I know we can do that with Flourish.”

The Smiths are busy upgrading equipment and adding new foods and beverages to the menu at the Evansville location. As they fine-tune the operations there, they intend to begin searching for an Owensboro location within a year.

Community is a crucial component of Flourish’s business model, as they source many of their products from local shops, donate compost to local farmers, and volunteer at the Humane Society. 

“We loved the food, and once we started learning what Flourish did and how it helps the community in Evansville, it was everything we wanted to do,” Smith said. “It stands behind everything we believe in being vegan. We give back to the community and local farmers and don’t hurt any animals in the process.”

The Evansville location is located at 222 South Red Bank Road. Patrons can find additional information and menu options at flourisheatery.com/ or by searching @Flourish Plant-Based Eatery on Facebook and Instagram. 

“Sometimes people hear the word vegan and automatically assume it’s not going to be good. But if you try us, I am 100% sure you will find something on our menu that you will like,” Smith said. “We have plenty of different burgers, crunch wraps, Philly cheesesteaks, salads, noodles, etc. We also have smoothies, juices, and wellness shots, and everything is 100% vegan.”

July 5, 2022 | 12:10 am

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