Taqueria food truck owners value customer connections, offer menu of fresh options

July 9, 2022 | 12:08 am

Updated July 8, 2022 | 9:02 pm

Taqueria La Bendicion De Dios

When Sulie Villanueva and her husband launched their Taqueria La Bendicion De Dios food truck business 3 years ago, they knew they wanted the name to stand out from their partnerships with other restaurants throughout the area. So, they chose a named that means “blessing of God” in Spanish.

The truck is run by Villanueva and her husband, and occasionally their three kids as they have grown up. Through the truck, they have the chance to meet a variety of customers and create new connections.

“That’s something I like about the food truck. You’re out a little bit more in the public and you have a chance to be able to talk a little bit more than at the restaurant,” she said.

The customers are one of Villanueva’s favorite parts of the business.

Taqueria spends its time split between the three cities. It is mostly in Owensboro from Friday After 5 or on Saturdays when they try to park at the Marathon at 2224 Frederica Street.

Villanueva also said that they try to be at Sunday events on occasion, such as Fireworks and Food Trucks at Owensboro Christian Church in late June.

At the counter, customers can find family-made recipes that are prepared fresh. Villanueva said that their menu ranges from a pastor taco — a marinated pork with pineapple — to a brisket taco to Mexican street corn and everything in between.

She said they try to make sure it’s fresh because she wants to give customers something that she would enjoy herself. 

“For tamales, we don’t do them sometimes because if you make a big batch you have to freeze them and then thaw out, and I don’t like freezing things and having it to serve them,” she said. “I’d rather have it fresh and serve it that way.” 

And that fresh and homemade recipe is something that she thinks her customers enjoy the most about their food. Through the Owensboro community’s continued support she’s able to see customers continuously.

“It’s really a blessing. It gives me joy to know that they’re enjoying what I’m serving,” she said. “Sometimes I get used to seeing people and I wonder about them and it’s nice to see them when they come back.”

July 9, 2022 | 12:08 am

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