CrossFit Rugrats, 3 years strong

December 15, 2018 | 3:18 am

Updated December 15, 2018 | 8:33 am

Father, daughter duo, Tim Davis and Karina Delgadillo have a passion for CrossFit and kids, an unusual combination that many people wouldn’t pair together in the same sentence.

Before opening CrossFit Rugrats, Davis and Delgadillo were members at another CrossFit box, when younger brother Timothy began to show interest in CrossFit. At the time, Timothy was not old enough to attend classes with Davis and Delgadillo. Wanting to encourage Timothy’s interest, Davis and Delgadillo began introducing Timothy to exercise and strength training techniques in their home garage. Timothy enjoyed moving the bar and learning the gymnastic techniques. At age 19, Delgadillo had the idea of offering a kid-friendly CrossFit class.

For Delgadillo, she knew she needed the appropriate certification before thinking about starting a class. At a much younger age than most certified individuals, Delgadillo attained her level 1 training certificate for CrossFit (CF_L1), with the addition of the CrossFit kid’s certification and weightlifting certification.

Soon after starting CrossFit Rugrats in the home garage, it was determined the business was improperly zoned and had to find another place for kids CrossFit classes.

Crossfit Rugrats eventually located to a space in the Towne Square Mall.

Davis says, “The space in the mall has been a blessing. We were able to get a good rate, for adequate space. Karina and I had the space ready to go in 30 days and we’ve been adding new equipment, adding different classes, and hosting events since we opened. The best thing about CrossFit is that anyone can do it and start at any level of fitness.”

Some stigmas surround CrossFit for kids, specifically for strength training, but research is proving that strength and resistance training has benefits for children, when instructed by a certified professional. Strength training is also proven to prevent injuries in other sports from occurring.

“CrossFit is not only good for strengthening and conditioning in children, says Delgadillo, but the community feel and workouts provided at crossfit rugrats has changed these kid’s lives. It’s improved their confidence, social and emotional development as well as physical development. It does something different for each kid that comes in, but they are all having fun here.”

The kids at CrossFit Rugrats fondly refer to Delgadillo as “Coach Karina.”

Serenity Barnes, a student at the Owensboro Innovation Academy has been attending classes with CrossFit Rugrats for almost three years.

“It’s helped me build a lot of relationships and friends. I’ve been able to branch out and learn how to have a better lifestyle for myself. I’m no longer sedentary and I get to be active, while being with my friends,” said Barnes.

The Rugrats have a total of 41 state records and 120 podium finishes. Not everyone who is a member participates in competition, but many of kids and families enjoy traveling and competing in events that showcases the training they’ve been doing at the box.

Friday nights kids are welcomed to come and check out a class for free. During the remaining month of December, classes are free for new members. In January 2019, new memberships are being offered for 50% off.

For more information on rates, class times and upcoming events visit the CrossFit Rugrats website or find CrossFit Rugrats on Facebook.

December 15, 2018 | 3:18 am

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