Ohio anglers win Monsters on the Ohio

October 13, 2019

Anthony Murphy and Mike Snyder won the 10th annual Monsters on the Ohio. | Photo from Monsters on the Ohio

Saturday’s Monsters on the Ohio attracted more than 165 boats from seven states. The local catfish tournament is in its 10th year and hundreds of spectators filled English Park to watch the competitors weigh-in.

Overall winners Anthony Murphy and Mike Snyder from Ohio submitted five fish at the weigh-in and director Aaron Wheatley called their two large catches “big twins” — both were near 60 pounds.

Even with more than 30 boats left to weigh in, Wheatley knew the duo would be hard to beat.


“They might be sitting on the top of the world before this is over,” he said.

Alan Houston who finished fifth overall for total weight won the award for biggest fish. His largest catfish weighed in at 70.7 pounds.

Alan Houston and the largest fish caught at Monsters on the Ohio.

After the weigh-in, prizes were given away to boaters who participated in the tournament. The big prize of the night, a SeaArk Boat, went to anglers Greg Ollila and Jason Mercer.

Numerous boats left the water with no catches for the day. Wheatly said the weather was perfect for the tournament and any day spent on the water was a good one.

“Fishing is hard sometimes,” Wheatley said.

TOP 10 TEAMS (with total weight listed)
129.1 — Anthony Murphy and Mike Snyder (OH)
110.3 — Ben Goebel (IN) and Rob Clodfelder
95.0 — Tony Weathers (IL) and Danny Dillman (IN)
93.5 — Justin Hedges and Rodney Hall (KY)
91.8 — Alan Houston and Ronnie Strickland (TN)
89.6 — Craig Collings (MO) and John Jamison (KS)
89.1 — Dale and Matthew Kerns (IL)
83.0 — Ryan Hasty and Travis Hously (IN)
73.9 — Ricky, Amanda Hall and Bill Basham (KY)
73.8 — Marvin Knepp and Terry Yoder (IN)

To see full results, click here.

October 13, 2019

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