Editorial: Thank you to our community

March 24, 2020 | 3:11 pm

Updated March 24, 2020 | 3:11 pm

We made a promise to you the day we opened: news that affects the safety of our hometown would be made available to everyone. It’s not a new concept to us.

Through each day of this crisis we have brought you stories to keep you informed, stories to keep you safe and stories that celebrate the heart of this town. It has been an honor to walk beside you, and we want to thank you for placing your trust in us.

Advertisers are a major part of what we do and how we are able to keep each of you informed. Thank you to our advertisers who see the value in our product (we’ve included their websites below). We celebrate the growth you have experienced with Owensboro Times, just as you have helped our business grow. Helping local businesses find new and creative ways to get their message out continues to be an exciting part of what we do.

And to our subscribers, thank you. And thank you again! If you are new to Owensboro Times and want to unlock all of the wonders of this community, we want you to have an opportunity to join us. Subscribe now, and the next three months will be our gift to you. No code needed. Even during this uncertain moment in time we continue to add new services to our platform, growing with the times.

Each and every day, we will continue to tell the stories of Owensboro because this is “our town” and we support one another during the hard times and the happy times — because we are Owensboro Times.

March 24, 2020 | 3:11 pm

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