Dalisha’s owner to live-stream baking, educational videos for families

March 22, 2020

Alisha Hardison, owner of Dalisha’s Bakery & Cafe, has been doing her part to help families as they homeschool their children and quarantine themselves for the foreseeable future.

Hardison has been filming “Cooking with Kids” videos for those stuck at home looking for activities to do with their children and families. These instructional videos provide recipes and guidance for easy-to-make baked goods such as homemade pop tarts and chocolate whoopie pies.

These videos will be streamed live via Facebook and are planned to be shorter than 30 minutes, she said.


“This helps families break up the day with something new to do and helps kiddos to learn this practical skill,” Hardison said.

Not only has she been streaming these baking lessons, but her husband, Scott, has been doing his part to help teach kids through fun, educational videos.

An educator through VIP Kids, Scott has had plenty of practice filming himself teaching students from all over the world. Now he’s putting that experience to use to help those self-quarantining during the COVID-19 spread.

Scott did a video on 3D shapes last week, she said, and plays instruments like the ukulele to make the videos fun for kids to watch.

“He wants to turn this into videos that help teach parents about homeschooling their children,” Hardson said. “Even as a supplement for later on.”

It’s tough times for local businesses, Hardsio said, as she’s had four brides cancel their wedding cake orders so far.

“Bless their hearts,” she said. “I feel worse for them than I do for myself. You’ve been planning for this then, all of a sudden, something happens. And they can’t help that.”

Hardison said she’s still keeping busy, despite these canceled orders, as she’s booked for the next several weeks.

“I’m trying to be flexible,” she said. “We just hope we can be a light in people’s homes during this time.”

March 22, 2020

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