Beshear: DC to see significant job growth in next couple years; Governor campaigns Friday afternoon

May 20, 2023 | 12:10 am

Updated May 20, 2023 | 12:12 am

Governor Andy Beshear embarked on his Kentucky campaign for re-election Friday. He stopped in Owensboro with the promise that even with a 14% voter turnout in the primary, he’s confident he can get four more years following the general election.

“I believe you’re gonna see a big turnout in the general election and it’s going to support growth in the future and not division in the present,” Beshear said.

Beshear said that over the last four years, Kentucky had undergone more adversity in a short period than most Kentuckians can remember. He noted starting with COVID-19 in 2020, the state has faced the largest tornado event in its history, floodings throughout Eastern Kentucky and a polar winter with -45 degree windchills.

He noted that during his term, they’ve brought 34,500 new jobs to the Commonwealth in his first two years alone, with his third being “at least the third best year of economic development in [Kentucky’s] history.”

For Daviess County, he said that Western Kentucky is one of the hottest areas in the Commonwealth for economic development.

“We’re seeing it in Owensboro, but I believe the next big one is coming and I believe your economic development folks here — who are working really hard — believe it too. You are in a prime location, especially with where all the battery plants are, and I don’t just think I know that Daviess County is going to see significant job growth over these next couple of years and you’ve got the right local leadership working with us to get it done,” Beshear said.

He said that even with a Republican supermajority, he still is looking to continue the work they have accomplished as well.

During Beshear’s term, he has accomplished 620 bipartisan bills signed, half a billion dollars in water and sewer construction, along with getting medical marijuana and sports betting getting passed year.

“The fact is we’ve seen more accomplishments these last four years that move our families forward and come together to rebuild hard-hit communities. You are seeing progress that is pushed by hard work where we have been able to get those things done,” Beshear said.

May 20, 2023 | 12:10 am

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