County landfill expansion almost finished, could begin accepting trash in June

May 25, 2023 | 12:06 am

Updated May 25, 2023 | 12:48 am

County landfill

The 16.6-acre cell expansion for the Daviess County Landfill is nearly complete, and could begin accepting trash in June. The project to expand the landfill to 66 acres began in late 2021.

Solid Waste Manager Robbie Hocker recently said they were able to get the liner installed and begin laying pipe in the valleys with slots. Gravel will also cover the entire expansion.

Hocker said the expansion will save Daviess County $2 million because trash would not have to be driven outside the county to be disposed of. In addition, he said they are able to sell more airspace, which will also generate some revenue for the landfill as well.

The state is having to inspect and approve each step of the project, but things are on track to wrap up in June.

“We have to get all our paperwork to the state, show what we’ve done. Then they come down and look at it and hopefully get our blessings that we can start putting trash in,” he said.

Hocker said the expansion is expected to grow the landfill’s life by 15 years — with roughly an acre of land per year. He said it’s now expected to last a total of 40-45 more years before filling up, barring potential further expansions.

May 25, 2023 | 12:06 am

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