2 from DCPS earn National Board Certifications; 5 renew designation

January 20, 2024 | 12:13 am

Updated January 19, 2024 | 10:59 pm

Pictured are: (top, from left) Teresa Howard, Tierney Phillips, and Jeanette Houk; and (bottom, from left) Craig Howard, Davey Mills, Amy Shocklee, and Kelly Smith.

Two Daviess County Public Schools teachers have earned the designation of National Board Certified Teacher, while five other educators have renewed their certifications. 

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is an organization dedicated to improving schools and student learning by strengthening the quality of those who teach. The board sponsors a national certification process that measures a teacher’s practices against high standards of excellence. This involves an extensive series of performance-based assessments that includes teaching portfolios, student work samples, videotapes, and a thorough analysis of the candidates’ classroom teaching and student learning. Teachers also complete a series of written exercises that explore the depth of their subject-matter knowledge as well as their understanding of how best to teach these subjects to their students. 

DCPS teachers receiving their first certification are:

Teresa Howard
Meadow Lands Elementary School — Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early and Middle Childhood
“I chose National Board Certification to better myself as a teacher, a reflective practitioner, and a lifelong learner. This process helped me to look at myself and my classroom in new and exciting ways. I was able to showcase my knowledge of students and literacy content, my use of assessments and data, and my participation in learning communities. Thanks to my National Board Certification, my students will benefit for years to come.” 

Tierney Phillips
Apollo High School and Burns Middle School — Literacy: Reading-Language Arts/Early And Middle Childhood
“I chose to pursue this journey with support from my colleagues and the support from my family to become a more knowledgeable and reflective professional. The process encouraged me to better myself through productive struggle, organization, intentional planning, and time management, but also highlighted student connection, self-reflection, and my ‘why’ for teaching. Because of this process, I am a better educator and I can only hope to continue learning and sharing these successes with my students and DCPS family.” 

DCPS educators earning recertification are: 

Jeanette Houk
Meadow Lands Elementary School – Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early Childhood Through Young Adulthood
“The National Board Certification process is unique in that it is completely built around my experiences and my students. By examining my everyday teaching practices, I’m encouraged to find new and exciting ways to reach my students.” 

Craig Howard
Daviess County High School — Career And Technical Education/Early Adolescence Through Young Adulthood
“I chose to renew my certification in order to continue being a lifelong learner. It is very important to reflect on teaching practices in order to continue growing inside and outside of the classroom. By reflecting on my teaching practices, I am able to grow as an educator and provide my students with better experiences to prepare them for life after high school.”

Davey Mills
Burns Elementary School — Physical Education/Early And Middle Childhood
“Completing the National Board renewal process reemphasized to me the importance of cultivating meaningful student engagement opportunities.” 

Amy Shocklee
Southern Oaks Elementary School — Generalist/Middle Childhood
“I chose to renew my National Board certification to continue growing as an educator. It is very important to me to reflect and refine my practices to provide the best possible experiences for my students.” 

Kelly Smith
Tamarack Elementary School — Generalist/Early Childhood
“I chose the National Boards process because I believe learning and self-reflective practice is vital for ongoing growth. This professional development guides me to challenge myself and continue moving my practice forward so I can provide high-quality instruction to my students.” 

January 20, 2024 | 12:13 am

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