Letter to the Editor: Hendricks is the next Family Court Judge we need

November 5, 2022 | 12:01 am

Updated November 4, 2022 | 5:57 pm

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As a mother, citizen, and pre-law graduate, my passion for law and our community drives me to share my story about Jennifer Hendricks. We can all say “Vote for this person because of public professional qualities” but truly who are these candidates behind closed doors? Who are these individuals that will make an impact on our system and most of all the families in our community? 

I can tell you who Jennifer Hendricks is. 

I was in my junior year of studying law at Western Kentucky University when I was required to complete an internship. I completed my internship in the fall of 2020 at Hendricks Law Offices. My experience and expansion of knowledge was so impacted that I spent my 2021 senior year as a volunteer at Hendricks’ Law Offices. 

Jennifer is a well-known family attorney in our community that has won numerous awards outlining her to be the “Best In Owensboro.” One evening I stated to Jennifer “You sure do work a lot of hours!” 

Jennifer replied “I believe everyone should have quality representation and I want to ensure all of my client’s cases are handled with the utmost care and attention.”

This moment was deeper than Jennifer’s professional title, this moment was a reflection of who Jennifer Hendricks is. 

Jennifer Hendricks is the most inspirational lawyer I have met. Not just because of her intelligence, but her beliefs that care should be taken in people’s lives and cases. Whether it’s inside or outside of a courtroom, she is committed to being a source of guidance, help, and a voice to our community. 

This is not just the judge we want, this is the next Daviess County Family Court Judge we need. 

It is a honor to support and share this story, when voting please consider Jennifer Hendricks as your next Daviess County Family Court Judge, Division 3. 

Written by
Phoenix Burchfield

November 5, 2022 | 12:01 am

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