Letter to the Editor: A teacher who is deserving of praise every day, especially so this week

May 6, 2023 | 12:02 am

Updated May 5, 2023 | 11:06 pm

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Mrs. McEnroe is my daughter’s 2nd-grade teacher and someone I, as a mother, thank God for each week my daughter attends school.

Mrs. McEnroe has instilled in my child a love for learning. A gift that will continue to bless her throughout each year as she grows. As I pick my child up from school each day, I am immediately greeted with stories about her day. I find myself looking forward to Monday afternoons, because I know my daughter will have “weekend news” assignment to share.

Mrs. McEnroe is patient with her students and with parents. In her class, it is clear she utilizes moments throughout the day to plant the seeds of necessary qualities — such as kindness, acceptance, and honesty — that are essential in their growth not just as students, but as human beings. They remember these lessons, and share them with us as parents when they return home. Her lessons far surpass the walls of her classroom. She leads with compassion and as an example that her students take with them wherever they go.

Mrs. McEnroe praises her students for their successes. She never hesitates to proudly acknowledge their strengths. Each week, a new dojo leader. Their proud smiling faces serve as definitive proof of the love she pours into them. The caption along side their photograph is detailed in praise. Each one individualized for that particular student. Highlighting their individuality and the unique strength each child possesses.

My daughter posed the question that became the catalyst for writing this today, “Mrs. McEnroe is so proud of us. Is there an adult dojo app to show how proud we are of her? So we could say the good things about her.”

In absence of dojo apps for teachers to receive accolades and praise, and in light of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’d like to give you the praise you deserve, and the acknowledgement that you afford to each of your students daily. Below are two of the many students who wish to show their appreciation for you:

“Mrs. McEnroe is the ‘dojo teacher of the year.’ She loves us all. She makes us feel safe. She is one of the brightest parts of my day. I know she is proud of me. I am proud of her, too. I know I am safe with her. She makes me like school. She has some pretty good dance moves. She would probably win if all the teachers had a dance contest. She is not scared to be silly and will always try to make us smile. I even miss her on long breaks. This is why Mrs. McEnroe is the dojo leader of the year but is my dojo leader of the universe.” -LB

“I love Ms. McEnroe because she taught me how to read better and improve my writing. She is always nice and kind to me and she helps me when I need help. I love Ms. McEnroe because she loves me.” -ZH

Thank you, Mrs. McEnroe for all that you do for our children every day! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

Megan Jackson & Candace Taylor

May 6, 2023 | 12:02 am

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