Real Estate Transfers: Jan. 3, 2022

January 3, 2022 | 9:23 am

Updated January 3, 2022 | 9:23 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Dec. 16 and Dec. 28:

56 Woodford Avenue, Charles Jarboe to City of Owensboro Kentucky, $30,000.

1806 Standish Place, Juan and Maria Tomas to Paul Lopez, $165,000.

2000 Westview Drive, Donald and Brenda Bowen to JAB LLC, $140,500.

2716 West 9th Street, Carla Reed to Fulcrum Holdings, LLC, $79,000.

12357 Highway 56, Judith and Carol Lawrence to James and Susan Towery, $544,000.

159 Shelly Drive, Travis Birchler and McKenzie Tichenor to Zachary Hendrix, $144,900.

1507 Linden Avenue, Deyonte and Alysia Adams to James and Laura Smiley, $270,000.

1604 Creek Haven Loop, James and Anna Allen to Christopher and Melanie Coomes, $200,000.

2458 Farrier Place, Julianne Posante to Rebecca Robertson, $195,000.

1917 Hughes Avenue, Jeffrey Payne to Shu Jiang, $10,000.

771 Dove Court, Marsha Martin to Jonathan and Selina Christie, $215,000.

2244 Citation Avenue, JMW Properties LLC to Ya Ha, $146,900.

3012 Yosemite Drive, Kari and Matthew Brake to Christopher Attebury, $129,900.

529 Monterrey Drive, MSL Investments LLC to Hattie Ashby, $151,010.

1624 Booth Avenue, James and Laura Smiley to Glenn and Karen Hite, $169,900.

1917 Wink Court, Lee and Pamela Canary to Jason and Danielle Martin, $124,900.

2301 Frederica Street, Roger and Myrna Smith to RFIV LLC, $250,000.

720 Bolivar Street, Jerry Owens to Amy Hawk, $82,500.

2236 Bittel Road, Green River Holdings LLC to Robert Brown, $169,900.

57.5 Acres on Keller Road, Keller Family Trust to Swain LLC, $874,304.

9006 Highway 56, Jacqueline Schartung to Joseph and Sarah Rumage, $25,000.

3870 Garden Terrace, Warren and Jessica Thompson to Darby and Brandon Duvall, $209,000.

4231 Thruston Dermont Road, Robert and Pamela Wells to Lucas and Sarah Feldpausch, $169,900.

2314 West 2nd Street, Franklin and Linda Hayden to Murphy’s Investments LLC, $44,000.

209 Sutton Lane, John Hayden to Murphy’s Investments LLC, $372,000.

2318 West 2nd Street, Franklin Hayden to Murphy’s Investments LLC, $9,000.

2332 West 2nd Street, Franklin and Linda Hayden to Murphy’s Investments LLC, $13,500.

2334 West 2nd Street, Frank and Linda Hayden to Murphy’s Investments LLC, $30,000.

309 Sutton Lane, Frank and Linda Hayden to Murphy’s Investments LLC, $223,000.

1409 Hathaway Street, Nicholas and Crystal Tuttle to Buttered Taters Enterprises LLC, $45,000.

2604 East 10th Street, Ralph Lockhart to Cynthia Womack and Barry Haight, $140,000.

8220 Iceland Spur, Nathaniel and Victoria Meadors to RDS, Inc., $72,500.

2850 Old Masonville Loop, Robert Keown to Timothy and Marty Russ, $54,900.

2214 McConnell Avenue, Lisa Guadarrama to Joseph and Beth Steele, $195,000.

3872 Brookfield Drive, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Megan and Ian Moore, $295,380.

2526 Heartland Greens Pointe, Brett Hawkins to Yuanbin Jiang, $188,000.

449 Raintree Drive, Wilhelm Wessel to Janie Marksberry, $130,000.

3023 Wandering Lane, Amy Finley to Pray Reh and Law Meh, $129,900.

2229 Berkshire Drive, Roger and Margaret Richeson to Than Aung and Ka Ti Zar, $124,500.

5613 Jack Hinton Road, James Knight and Sarah Held to Amy Finley, $260,000.

1912 Village Run, Thomas and Patricia Lindsey to Rhine and Ann Blake, $143,000.

134 Tennyson Drive, Rebecca McQueen to Alexis Payne, $125,000.

2120 Center Street, Samuel and Connie Edwards to John Madison, $129,900.

2953 Allen Street, N R Burch to Steve and Shelley Newcom, $94,001.

1189 Harmons Ferry Road, Caleb Royal to Charlotte Raschke, $125,000.

110 Dublin Lane, Ivan Leak to Barbara Stanley, $80,000.

2568 Heartland Greens Pointe, Lindsay and Alina Bigham to Curtis and Ariel Renfrow, $195,000.

4126 Settlers Point, James Ramburger to Ivonne Balseiro and Jesus Robles, $136,000.

3212 Lewis Lane, Rebecca Martin and Twylyn Martin to Twylyn Martin, $134,600.

882 Live Oak Place, Vicki Gaither to Glenn and Angela Miller, $230,000.

233 Highway 1554, Richard Schrecker to Aaron and Kassey Coomes, $20,000.

214 Sycamore Street, Eula Faith to Jennifer Westerfield, $8,500.

1519 West 2nd Street, Greg Wathen to Rob Martin, $42,000.

January 3, 2022 | 9:23 am

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