Real Estate Transfers: May 2, 2022

May 2, 2022 | 8:50 am

Updated May 2, 2022 | 8:50 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Apr. 18 and Apr. 25:

7244 Old Highway 54, Donald and Brenda Edge to Robert and Amy Whistle, $130,000.


1137 Castlewood Place, Eric Morris to Marcus and Amber Jacobsen, $235,000.

3916 Crane Pond Road, James and Lisa Hodson to Aaron and Christal Grace, $251,000.

7809 Barnett Road, David Barnett to Nicholas Settles, $70,000.

2500 Cavalcade Drive, Lee Norris and Mark Everly to Alexander and Rebecca Stone, $283,000.

357 Hill Avenue, Carene Hobson and Carene Sater to Alligator Reef LLC, $100,000.

3721 Kipling Drive, Kimberly J. Gaw Revocable Trust to Linda Fowler, $134,900.

4430 Strickland Drive, James Parish to Saraju and Ani Sulton, $140,000.

10737 Highway 81, Jay and Tara Hart to Mary and Brian Larkin, $409,000.

428 Dixie Court, Brenda Hall to Richard and Sandra Mason, $52,500.

4404 Cool Springs Cove, Martin and Valerie Reel to James and Lana Wink, $475,000.

705 Hill Avenue, CEL Development LLC to Emily Riney and Zackary Duvall, $235,000.

4852 Millers Mill Road, Susan Schwartz and Mary Hillyard to Adam Mattingly, $70,000.

1534 East 20th Street, Jeff McManaway to Jared Carter and Secalie Lopez, $124,900.

3437 Chickasaw Drive, CRB Family LLC to Craig and Kyra Harris, $184,900.

2229 Village Run, Zackary Duvall to Blonde Flamingo LLC, $148,000.

2614 Concord Terrace, Alexis and Dane Johnston to Anthony Curran, $212,500.

1518 Tamarack Road, Ed White to Fulcrum Holdings LLC, $155,500.

1820 Hughes Avenue, Michael and Sharon McLean to William and Patricia Boone, $110,000.

5418 Park Haven Bend, Bradley and Sarah Hagan to Robin Nalley, $319,900.

506 Locust Street, City of Owensboro to Robert Whitaker, $60,000.

901 West 3rd Street, CLH Investments LLC to APW Properties LLC, $315,000.

4017 Greenfield Lane, Allie Westerfield to Larry and Cheryl Sansom, $150,000.

6813 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Samuel and Mykah Prater, $310,650.

126 West 18th Street, Maria and Justin Goatee to Daniel Hayes, $132,000.

607 Crittenden Street, Carmel McLeod to Brett and Emily Dickens, $165,000.

6311 Pleasant Valley Road, Dempsey and Ilene Manley to Kevin and Shannon Allcron, $120,000.

2657 Victory Court East, Darry and Bettye Cain to JKLM Investments LLC, $41,000.

2274 Monroe Avenue, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Jessica Duncan, $276,895.

1613 WEst 1st Street, Claretta Fentress to Shelly Castlen, $104,900.

1200 College Drive, Clarence and Evelyn Raines to Shonna Riedell, $305,000.

6569 Masonville Habit Road, Patrick and Tara Fitzgerald to David and April Blank, $480,000.

809 George Street, Greensprings Home Buyers LLC to Jose Rosales and Maria Reyes, $120,000.

4630 Rome Parkway, Wanda English to Cory and Carrie Wollin, $214,900.

2301 Whirlaway Drive, Glenna Crabtree to Yei Moo and Klu Paw, $239,900.

2175 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Hsar Bi and Da Hsar, $243,815.

5030 Diamond Drive, Big O Investments LLC to Robert and Brittany Cameron, $279,900.

5108 Opal Court, Christian Hayden and Joseph Thompson to William Overby, $279,900.

49 Acres on Highway 554, Robert Cecil and Barbara Russ to Jerry and Ann Fischer, $368,000.

2830 Asbury Place, Wendell and Nancy Welch to Dream Design LLC and TEK Enterprises LLC, 124,000.

4441 Strickland Drive, Ashley Humphrey to Christopher Seaton, $100,000.

4517 Strickland Drive, Robert and Brittany Cameron to Nga Reh and Esther Zarain, $210,900.

6183 Sullivan Loop, Corey Alvey and Haley Turner to Mason and Victoria Brown, $164,900.

10351 Toler Bridge Road, Nicholas and Dorothy Palmer to Christopher and Shawna Fields, $567,000.

7446 Stevens School Road, Thomas and Elizabeth Isbill to Herschell and Deborah Bickett, $285,000.

2170 North Stratford Drive, Anderson Investments LLC to Cole and Sharon Castle, $242,000.

6284 Sutherlin Lane, Lena Simmons to Jesse and Emily Boling, $200,000.

3931 Frederica Street, Joseph and Rhonda Postiglione to Manubhai and Kiranaben Patel, $139,000.

940 Audubon Avenue, Ann Sowders to James Dennison, $164,900.

180 Shelly Drive, William and Marjorie Millay to Pinnacle Point LLC, $95,000.

4654 Boxwood Drive, Steven Peak and Kristie Humphrey to Nicole Allen, $304,000.

740 Turtle Creek Drive, Jarrod Harper and Amber Stallings to Rachel and Bryant Horsley, $330,000.

107 East 21st Street, Jason and Michelle Morris to Laura Gillihan, $177,000.

12331 Floral Road, Sean Brown to Emily and Keith Singer, $200,000.

617 Crittenden Street, Benjamin and Lachelle Early to Aaron and Abbigail Turner, $134,900.

May 2, 2022 | 8:50 am

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