Real Estate Transfers: Sept. 26, 2022

September 26, 2022 | 7:58 am

Updated September 26, 2022 | 7:58 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Sept. 13 and Sept. 19:

3857 Poplar Log Bridge Road, Curtis Howard to Dawn Jackson and Jerry Atherton, $315,000.

2052 Trillium Gardens, Jo Drake to James Shepard, $187,300.

625 Breckenridge Street, WWB Holdings LLC to Mark Boswell, $38,000.

3706 Placid Place West, Ricky and Anna Coon to Bryan and Leslie Krampe, $140,500.

2280 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Heather Snowden and Clinton Girten, $361,145.

6457 Valley Brook Trace, Stephen and Lisa Leonard to Clemens Holdings LLC, $212,000.

9181 Jack Hinton Road, Rebecca Millay to Samantha and David Mills, $50,000.

2433 West 5th Street, Habitat for Humanity of Owensboro to Hayli Casebier, $150,000.

4834 Sutherland Road, John Butler to Jimmy Moore and Chris Moore, $20,000.

4328 Plantation Pointe, Angel and Emily Cadiz to Christopher and Lyndsey Hein, $354,900.

3933 Little Bluestem Drive, Robert Smith to Jena Coomes and Mary Coomes, $303,000.

3653 Legacy Run, Mary Coomes to Hsaw Reh and Meh Me, $215,000.

2020 Griffith Place West, Christopher Hein and Lyndsey Lewis to Catrina and James Piper, $380,000.

503 East 27th Street, Michael and Candace Oakes to Samantha Stevens, $110,000.

6416 Walnut Court, Edward Wallace to William and Lorrin Nash, $150,000.

6537 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Yellowstone Rental Properties LLC, $246,545.

2603 Darby Dan Court, Martha Hall to Pam Elliott, $274,900.

3205 Allen Street, Koger Properties LLC to Robinson Homes LLC, $128,000.

2001 East 17th Street, Hale Holdings LLC to T&T Real Estate LLC, $35,000.

2306 Meadowhill Lane, Sherman Jaggers and Olivia Madison to Thomas and Laura Harrigan, $320,000.

10040 Highway 662, Stephen Hodskins and Virginia Vinson to Stephen Hodskins, $210,000.

6512 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Renee Ford, $250,915.

6310 Frederica Street, John Brooks to Phillip and Mary Higdon, $45,000.

423 Bolivar Street, Diocese of Owensboro Council to Cherri Lolley, $10,000.

1130 Hill Avenue, Harold and Mary Jones to Kimberly Hayden, $146,000.

1935 Lewis Lane, James and Linda Horn to Diana Williams, $155,000.

3114 Hill Gail Court, James and Linda Horn to Michelle Boarman, $110,000.

2033 Arlington Park Drive, Anthony Ling to Justin Hardesty, $9,000.

3819 Thruston Dermont Road, Howard and Inge Schleiden to Marcos and Christina Garcia, $199,000.

1207 Payne Avenue, Oborski Properties LLC to Brenda Thomson, $125,000.

4548 Bridle Ridge Court, Ronald and Phyllis Ellis to Randall Foster and Brittney Foster, $423,450.

2394 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Zone Khun, $358,520.

2727 Morningside Drive, Whiskey Decisions LLC to Courtney Richeson and Jacob Simon, $154,000.

3581 Becker Drive, Jasen and Carrie Chanley to Derrick and Courtney Bartlett, $45,000.

714 Hall Street, Sheila Lamaar to Dominic Plumeri, $32,000.

11799 Highway 951, ST and BG Tomson to Nicholas Bryant, $223,900.

7372 Stevens School Road, Veteran Properties LLC to Norman Burden, $189,900.

304 East 23rd Street, Gary Dorris to Nicholas Pavlas, $40,000.

629 Breckenridge Street, Jerry and Pamela Crabtree to Mark Boswell, $7,000.

3354 Old Mill Lane, James and Rina Fleming to Jordan Knott, $179,900.

246 Irene Avenue, Kirbee Porter and Jacob Calloway to Maribel Barahona, $13,000.

1116 Emerson Court, WJ Partners LLC to Derrick Arthur, $65,000.

9809 Scythia Road, Larry Duncan and Kathy Towery to Misty and Arthur Ealum, $85,000.

3000 Creek Branch Cove, Amanda and Zachary Ward to Edward and Valerie Maty, $319,900.

September 26, 2022 | 7:58 am

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