Real Estate Transfers: Sept. 6, 2022

September 6, 2022 | 11:00 am

Updated September 6, 2022 | 11:00 am

The following real estate transfers were recorded between Aug. 19 and Aug. 31:

2625 Daviess Street, Koger Properties LLC to Anna Crawford, $94,500.

710 Madison Avenue, Selena Smiley to Alex Wheaton, $133,500.

6533 Harmony Drive, Jerry and Susan Nail to Dustin Brumley, $145,000.

3316 Comanche Place, Suzanna and Ronald Rice to Harmony Lehecka, $250,000.

9200 Old Hartford Road, Jeremy and Rene Kroeger to Robert and Clara Hall, $209,900.

3768 Legacy Run, SSG 998 LLC to Jackie and Sima Scott, $192,500.

2734 Timberline Drive, Robert and Deborah Newman to Gary and Peggy Coley, $425,000.

1226 West 3rd Street, Gary and Bridget Copeland to Louis Sgroi, $91,000.

2704 Lookout Drive, Jason Carlton to Dana and Gerald McCarty, $220,000.

2407 Count Fleet Loop, Bonnie Izsak to Sandra Wilson, $189,000.

4459 Greenacre Drive, Patrick and Alma Ward to Tina Sauerheber and Stacie Sauerheber, $429,900.

1003 Hermitage Drive, David Oetinger to James Calhoun, $250,000.

1623 West 5th Street, Carol Stallings to Wan Yoo, $38,000.

3617 Bordeaux Loop, Cody Stone to Hayden and Felicia Sovar, $215,000.

930 Locust Street, Steve Lehman to Steven Lehman, Jr., $48,000.

6529 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Kimberly Hawk, $235,870.

6553 Valley Brook Trace, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Timothy Payne, $235,680.

3325 Grist Court, Jean Worth to Bradley and Lindsey Shown, $130,000.

2746 Lookout Drive, Benjamin and Veronica Englert to Fatima Moore and Adrian Moore, $214,000.

6215 Sutherlin Lane, Barry and Kathy Elder to Haley and Thomas Blue, $325,000.

4001 Kipling Drive, Sherrie Howard to Kaylee Anderson, $155,000.

6555 Foster Road, Kevin Collignon to Paul and Taylor Collignon, $175,000.

2104 Asbury Court, Jack and Rose King to Leslie and Lora Sanders, $120,000.

1015 East 20th Street, Down Home Rentals LLC to Sugar Creek Getaways LLC, $163,000.

4937 Diamond Drive, Justin Harpe to Rebecca and Jeremy Gray, $249,900.

2720 Russell Road, Hunter Thompson and Lauren Badstibner to Noah Pike, $298,000.

213 East 21st Street, Charles Chappell to Joseph McDaniel, $154,000.

316 Whittier Drive, Just the Very Best LLC to Ernest and Amy Carter, $145,000.

1029 Holly Avenue, CSN Ventures LLC to Makayla Sparks, $129,900.

6325 Ridge Brook Cove,  Woodland Ridge Development, Inc. to Lee Miller Construction LLC, $38,900.

4103 McIntire Crossing, Jared Lambert to Dee Walker, $150,000.

9398 Highway 405, Charles and Dee Walker Life Estate to Jared Lambert and Kelsie Poehlein, $160,000.

10719 Highway 81, Robert Baird to Justin and Hailey Polley, $175,000.

424 St. Claire Drive, Stephen Moore to Haley and Christopher Zachary, $231,500.

3140 Daviess Street, Jeremy and Rebeca Gray to Brandon Strange, $130,000.

1429 Leitchfield Road, Kelley Donaldson to Alexyss Lindsey and Heriberto Perez, $165,000.

517 Maple Avenue, Matthew Williams to Logan and Karlie Hall, $468,000.

4907 Diamond Drive, Bethany Burkhart to Peri Butler, $299,500.

1801 Cherokee Drive, Haley Harper to Jacob Zuerner, $201,100.

6808 Bridgeview Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Travis and Lauren French, $327,410.

2521 Wesleyan Park Drive, Larissa Buskill to Ku Reh, $164,900.

5455 Willow Brook Loop, Daniel Justice and Emily Higuchi to Sar Htoo and Rosemary Paw, $295,000.

2554 Lancaster Avenue, Nickolas Wiseman to A&B Saints Rentals LLC, $80,000.

2816 Veach Road, Blake and Katelyn Dickens to Ward Rental Properties LLC, $145,000.

2311 Twenty Grand Avenue, Gilbert and Betty Tanner to Destiny Matthew and Alexander Johnk, $221,440.

2108 Highway 81, Kevin Thomas to KV LLC, $334,500.

1985 Stinnett Road, Steven and Peggy Stemle to Kathryn Dennis, $150,000.

621 Center Street, Gwen Bates to H&B Properties LLC, $25,000.

2750 Morningside Drive, Martha Bernard to C&D Property Management LLC, $75,600.

4519 Highway 81, Donna Tarantino to Jeffrey and Dona Dickerson, $275,000.

8227 Highway 2830, Shawn McKay and Paul McKay to David Campbell, $23,000.

2447 Sullivan Court, Jared and Chelsea Williams to Pray Reh and Pu Meh, $165,000.

1223 Nassau Avenue, MSL Investments LLC to Britny Costa, $148,000.

6588 Blue Ridge Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Pau Nuam, $278,000.

745 Devonshire Drive, Aaron Magan to Christopher Renfrow, $205,000.

2637 Cherry Blossom Court, Pau Nuam to Carla and Eddie Waller, $219,900.

10872 Gore Road, Jacob Boarman and Jacklyn Wermling to Emily Rhodes, $190,000.

3945 Brookfield Drive, Chadwick and Carrie Bidwell to Sean and Annjanette Vaughn, $414,900.

4718 Kings Mill Drive, Carla Odom to Austin Payne, $173,900.

2007 East 19th Street, Kim and William Jones to Lexey Martin, $144,900.

1919 Sheridan Place, Russell and Nila Smith to Pick Six LLC, $295,000.

430 Graystone Drive, Joseph and Sharmy Davis to Brian and Angel Vanoy, $270,000.

260 Tremont Drive, Taylor Lewis to J&S Realty LLC, $130,000.

2807 Hillside Drive, Paul and Kamille Stich to Lesley and Eric Rose, $526,500.

2713 Kingman Loop, Woody and Suzanne Maglinger to Derek Jesse and Taylor Lewis, $220,000.

3220 Spring Ridge Parkway, Michael and Wendy Goff to Chadwick and Carrie Bidwell, $436,000.

2381 Skaggs Court, Jagoe Homes, Inc. to Melissa and Adam Beitler, $292,640.

9749 Sauer Lane, Vohnell Mullican to Garrett Cecil, $240,000.

1577 Creek Haven Loop, Janice Skaggs to Landon and Haley Rone, $400,000.

1210 Burlew Boulevard, ASN Investments LLC to MC Realty LLC, $174,000.

645 Danberry Street, Cameron Shadwick and Felicia Willis to Jennifer Legg, $140,000.

September 6, 2022 | 11:00 am

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