Maddox falls short in 800-pound raw bench press

June 21, 2020

Julius Maddox was unable to hit his goal of 800 pounds on the bench press but still won Saturday's event. | File photo

Julius Maddox fell short of breaking his own record and lifting 800 pounds in the raw bench press Saturday at the Beasts of the Bench Classic in South Bend, Ind.

Maddox currently holds the world record in the bench press after he lifted 770 pounds at the Arnold Classic earlier this year.

Even though he fell short of a new world record, Maddox still won Saturday’s event with his first bench press of 722 pounds. Johnnie Harris came in second place by pressing 705.5 pounds — the first time two people each lifted more than 700 pounds in the same competition.


Maddox went for 800 pounds on his second attempt, but the bar appeared to have been unevenly loaded and he was unable to complete the press.

Maddox did not make a third attempt due to an injury.

June 21, 2020

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