College signing: Apollo’s Anslee Hopewell (Kentucky Wesleyan)

February 16, 2021 | 10:11 am

Updated February 16, 2021 | 10:11 am

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This is a story in a series on local high school athletes signing to continue their athletic and academic careers at the next level.

Apollo volleyball player Anslee Hopewell is keeping her talent in Owensboro as she’ll suit up for Eric Hagan and the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers next season.

Hopewell had a district-high 389 digs and added 63 aces on the year for the E-gals.

How does it feel to finally know where you’re going to attend next year and to make it official?

I’ve looked forward to choosing a college for years of school and club volleyball.  Covid took away most of my club tournaments last season. That changed the whole recruiting process. It was challenging to get noticed by coaches. With all the uncertainty and lack of exposure on the court that the virus brought, I had to make sure I reached out to coaches through email and highlight films. It was stressful but I wasn’t giving up on the goals I set.  I went on a few visits and liked other schools. The KWC official visit showed me a great school with a lot to offer that I’ve lived less than a mile from my whole life. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to continue my education and play the sport I live near my family and friends.

Why did you choose the school you did?

Coach Eric Hagan has an excellent reputation. The Panthers have a successful volleyball program that I’m excited to be joining. I know I’ll learn from him and grow as a player. KWC is a great fit for me in my intended major of English Education.  I’d love to someday be teaching and coaching volleyball in the same community that has given so much to me. The scholarship opportunities at Wesleyan are helping me to achieve my dreams.

What stood out about the program and the coaches?

Coach Hagan has a big reputation in our area as a phenomenal coach. I’ve always wanted to be coached by him at some level. I know some of the players and they are talented. I can learn a lot from them and hopefully add to their success.

What are you going to study?

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I started preschool. I’d like to teach high school English, but I’m also interested in history and journalism.

What are you going to miss about your team and school?

Some of my teammates and I have played together since third grade.  I’ve played at Apollo since seventh grade. Some teammates are my best friends. I will miss being with them in the gym and on the road. I think looking back, those memories will be my best and those friendships will survive the distance as we go to different.

February 16, 2021 | 10:11 am

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