Moran hired as Northwest Kentucky Local FCA Area Director

July 8, 2022 | 12:05 am

Updated July 7, 2022 | 10:31 pm

Photo courtesy of Jeff Moran

Northwest Kentucky will have a new representative in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as Jeff Moran has been named the Local FCA Area Director.

“This is a great opportunity to serve with a great group of people and give back to an organization that helped me when I was in high school and college,” Moran said. “FCA helped me find a purpose in life that was bigger and more meaningful than serving and living for myself.”

As the Area director, Moran will be responsible for Daviess, Hancock, Henderson, Ohio, Muhlenberg, McLean, Hopkins, Webster, and Union Counties. His hope is to increase the impact of FCA’s ministry through huddles in the local schools and on teams throughout the Owensboro area and the surrounding counties.

Moran and his family will make their way from Missouri where they have resided for the last 13 years where he served as the Student Pastor at Lynwood Baptist in Cape Girardeau. However, Moran is familiar with the Commonwealth, as he was born in Richmond and grew up in Corbin, Kentucky. Noting that there was such a rich history that the FCA had and the impact that he could make in the area, Moran knew this was an opportunity he would be interested in as soon as Brian Runyan—the FCA State Director—had reached out.

“He had been working with the FCA Board here in Owensboro and he began to share what was happening here and the history that FCA had here in Owensboro,” Moran said. “The size of the town and location in Kentucky was attractive to me and we began exploring the opportunity of coming here and working for FCA.” Moran has been a sports advocate his whole life, growing up having played football, basketball and baseball. He played football for the Corbin Redhounds, helping them to be a state runner up in 1990 before receiving a scholarship to play linebacker for Tennessee Tech University.

“I enjoyed playing linebacker because he is the ‘quarterback’ for the defense in making calls and adjustments on the field,” Moran said. I enjoyed stopping the person with the ball and keeping the other team from scoring.”

Moran is no stranger to the FCA, as he served as a volunteer while he was in college. He tried to join the FCA staff once he graduated, but some things fell through.But Moran’s passions for sports carried him into the opportunity of student pastor at his home church of Central Baptist in Corbin, Kentucky in October of 1996.

He knew that after his playing days had come to an end, he wanted to share his love for God with others by helping athletes with whatever things may come up and by spreading the gospel.

“For a long time, sports was my number one priority,” Moran said. “Football was my first love and I thought that being a star athlete would make me happy and fulfill my life. But success in sports will not fulfill you and satisfy the deep longing in your heart. Only God can do that. I also know what it is like to fail in sports and not be successful. I wish that I could say that I never had a losing season, but I have had more than I would like to admit. But winning or losing seasons do not define you as a person and I want to help coaches and athletes find hope regardless of their success or failures.”

Moran is thrilled to know be able to join the FCA as the Area Director, thanking the board for helping his family amidst the move. He also shared that while he might not be perfect, he is up to the task and will do his best to serve the coaches and players in the respective communities in Northwest Kentucky well.

“I want to thank the FCA Board for helping my family as we transition to Owensboro and I look forward to getting to know the people who live here and partnering with them to increase the impact of FCA in this area,” Moran said.  “People can expect me to do my best to share God’s love with athletes and coaches in the Northwest KY Area. I will make some mistakes, but I want to serve athletes and coaches in the name of Jesus and help others to do the same.”

July 8, 2022 | 12:05 am

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