OT announces 2022 All-County Football teams

November 24, 2022 | 12:05 am

Updated November 24, 2022 | 8:53 am

Photo by Gage Johnson

As the 2022 football campaign nears its end, the Owensboro Times is announcing its 2022 All-County teams and honorable mentions to recognize local athletes who thrived this season.

The teams and Player of the Year awards were voted upon by all the local high school coaches with minimal input from the Owensboro Times, listing 11 players on the first and second teams. Honorable mentions were given to those who had been voted for but didn’t make the first or second team. 

Players were eligible to be nominated for multiple positions, but if someone was recognized for one position—and didn’t make the first or second team—they aren’t listed in honorable mentions for another.

Offensive, defensive and special teams Player of the Year awards and articles will be announced/released in the near future.

First team-offense:

QB: Brady Atwell-Owensboro Catholic

RB: Kenyatta Carbon-Owensboro

RB: Bryson Parm-Daviess County

WR: Tutt Carrico-Owensboro Catholic

WR: Khalil Rogers-Owensboro

WR/TE: Decker Renfrow-Daviess County

OL: Trey Miller-Owensboro

OL: Isaac Blue-Daviess County

OL: Preston Crosley-Daviess County

OL: Jakson Lindsay-Owensboro

OL: Gabe Hodskins-Owensboro Catholic

First team-defense

DT: Isaac Blue-Daviess County

DT: Sahvon Hines-Owensboro

DE: Jeremiah Goodwin-Owensboro

LB: Ethan Pendleton-Owensboro

LB: Vince Carrico-Owensboro Catholic

LB: Xander Early-Owensboro

LB: Morgan Eans-Apollo

DB: Decker Renfrow-Daviess County

DB: Tutt Carrico-Owensboro Catholic

DB: Zach Clark-Owensboro

DB: Kanye Johnson-Owensboro

First Team- special teams

Kicker: Andrew Lanz-Owensboro 

Punter: Jeremiah Goodwin-Owensboro

Second Team-offense:

QB: Kasey Boone-Owensboro

RB: Donte Dixon-Apollo

RB: Vince Carrico-Owensboro Catholic

WR: Luke Floyd-Daviess County

WR: Deuce Sims-Owensboro Catholic

WR/TE: Carter Contratto-Apollo

OL: Noah Dillbeck-Apollo

OL: Miles Miller-Daviess County

OL: Chris Lewis-Owensboro Catholic

OL: Braden Boling-Daviess County

OL: Logan Bell-Owensboro Catholic

Second team-defense

DT: Jacoryon Miller-Owensboro

DT: Tyler Simone-Owensboro Catholic

DE: Luke Floyd-Daviess County

LB: Eli Blair-Owensboro Catholic

LB: Tyce Beehn-Daviess County

LB: Eli Hampton-Owensboro

LB: Will Edge-Owensboro Catholic

DB: Bryson Velotta-Apollo

DB: Deion Winstead-Owensboro

DB: Jack Ball-Daviess County

DB: Lincoln Ferguson-Owensboro Catholic

Second Team-special teams

Kicker: Donanic Ranallo-Owensboro Catholic

Punter: Lake Wilson-Daviess County

Honorable mention

Gavin Maysey-Daviess County

Cole Whitledge-Apollo

Cole Burch-Daviess County

Chris Lewis-Owensboro Catholic

Javion Robinson-Owensboro

Christian Combs-Apollo

Sean Higgs-Daviess County

Waryn Ebelhar-Owensboro Catholic

Eli Masteron-Apollo

Da’Marien Garner-Daviess County

William Pride Owensboro Catholic

November 24, 2022 | 12:05 am

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