DCMS sweeps individual, team cross country races at City-County

September 25, 2020 | 12:02 am

Updated September 25, 2020 | 1:53 am

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The Daviess County Middle School cross country teams came away with a sweep of the City-County Championship Thursday at Yellow Creek Park as schools prepare for state competitions next month.

Bentlei Stallings led the Lady Panthers to their win, while Camryn Edge was the first across the line in the boys’ competition.

In the girls’ meet, Burns Middle School placed second as a team while College View Middle School finished third. For the boys, Owensboro Middle School took second place and Burns Middle School placed third. 


DCMS coach Josh Murphy was pleased with how his school competed and said the mild weather was just an added bonus for this time of year.

“I enjoy watching my teams compete and run,” he said. “It’s an honor to get to coach such a talented and great group of kids. They have worked crazy hard at each practice to get where they are today.”

Stallings (15:52) was pleased to win the City-County Championship for the first time, an accomplishment she has been looking forward to. 

“I have been running this race since I was in the 3rd grade,” she said. “I have found that if you work hard then good things will come out of it. I want to keep getting better and reach my personal best.”

Other top finishers in the girls’ race and making First Team All City-County were Lucy Spaw (BMS, 2nd, 16:34.76), Ellie Girten (DC, 3rd, 16:47.99), Sally Tidwell (DC, 4th, 16:58.23), Ava Falloway (BMS, 5th, 17:13.08), Melanie Reesman (DC, 6th, 17:20.33) and Anna Kate Stovall (BMS, 7th, 17:29.23). 

Second Team All City-County honors went to Blakely Greer (BMS, 8th, 17:32.45), Maddie Rowland (DC, 9th, 17:35.31), Sadie Morris (DC, 10th, 17:59.17), Kiley Palmer, (OMS, 11th, 18:03.87), Alexis Jones (CVMS, 12th, 18:17.82), Haley Wolfe, (CVMS, 13th, 18:18.25) and Jordis Velotta (DC, 14th, 18:25.61).

Edge (15:06) was honored to win the boys race as a 6th-grader. After placing 7th last year, he said he was excited for the win.

“It was really hard because I felt like I was dying at one point,” Edge said. “I put everything out there, after going back and forth with runners, having to sprint to pull away from them. I am really happy.”

Other top finishers in the boys’ race and making First Team All City-County were Emmitt Brock (BMS, 2nd, 15:16.11), Noah Gray (BMS, 3rd, 15:20.96), Silas Goebel (HCS, 4th, 15.32.48), Merrick Joska (OMS, 5th, 15:40.90), Brody Holbrook (DC, 6th, 15:42.57), and Graham Robinson (DC, 7th, 15:43:23). 

Second Team All City-County honors went to Madden Rhoads, (BMS, 15:44.51), Joe Varble (DC, 9th, 16:07.90), Nikolas Hodskins (CVMS, 10th, 16:08.68), Kannon Nugent (DC, 11th, 16:09.51) Christopher Coy, (OMS, 12th, 16:33.98), Austin Spurrier (DC, 13th, 16:40.57), and Grant Howard (St. Mary’s, 14th, 16.51.99).

As many of the local teams prepare for state competition, they are aware their races may not look the same as previous years due to Covid-19 restrictions. Final dates and times for competition have not been released. 

September 25, 2020 | 12:02 am

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