Kentucky Wesleyan shines in final Helper Helper rankings

June 24, 2023 | 12:03 am

Updated June 24, 2023 | 2:56 am

The Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers proved this year that they are more than just athletes, as KWC finished the 2022-23 academic year ranked 10th in the final Helper Helper rankings. Helper Helper is the industry standard for the NCAA and record/compile service hours.

SAAC President Corina Conley states “Our student-athletes have gone above and beyond in their efforts to giveback to our community this past school year. I’m always blown away at the willingness and the servanthood of our student-athletes. I can’t brag on our athletes enough on how well they lead, volunteer, and engage with our community. In just a few short years, I’ve been blessed to see how impactful the people of Owensboro have been on us, and I’m excited about the work we’ve done to impact them!”

During this incredible year, the Kentucky Wesleyan Panthers saw records set for economic impact ($125,369), Make-A-Wish funds raised ($10,013), hours validated (4,007), and participation (96%). A new record was also set for most hours completed in a single day, as the Panthers completed 581 hours on the November 6th Day of Service, breaking the previous record of 461 set in 2019. 10 teams were nationally ranked inside the top-10 of their sport, and 15 programs had 100% participation.

  • Wrestling – #1
  • Softball – #4
  • Women’s Track & Field/XC – #4
  • Men’s Track & Field/XC – #5
  • Women’s Golf – #5
  • Men’s Golf – #6
  • Men’s Basketball – #7
  • Football – #7
  • Men’s Tennis – #7
  • Women’s Tennis – #10

Assistant Athletic Director Greg Richard states that “Student-Athletes know they have a tremendous opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those within their community. We started the year by setting some loft goals, and thanks to the incredible leadership of our student-athlete advisory committee and coaches, we not only achieved these goals, but surpassed them. When we talk about being a college FOROwensboro instead of just a college INOwensboro, this is what we mean.”

Softball was awarded with the SAAC Community Engagement Award at the WESPYS due to their efforts throughout the year. Despite only have a 12-person roster, the Softball team still finished ranked third in the department in total hours (390). Wrestling led the way with 528 hours, Football was just behind at 525, Baseball in fourth at 386, and Men’s Soccer rounded out the departmental top five with 311. 

“Helper Helper gives student-athletes the opportunity to become more involved in the community. We get the opportunity to compete for community service hours, but it is much bigger than athletics. Being able to get involved and help the community around us is something people don’t take lightly. DII athletic is more than just sports, it is about being able to help people in need and showing your appreciation to the people that support you in everything you do.” – SAAC Community Engagement Chair Jordyn Barga.

The Panther’s top initiatives were Build-A-Bed (Campus Ministries), Wendall Foster, working with elementary schools, and individual sport practice/camps. An unprecedented 51 organizations were impacted thanks to the Panther’s efforts this year. 

June 24, 2023 | 12:03 am

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